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Cuppy Dog City is real, I know it....

Welcome to our personal corner of the World Wide Web! We are a system of many, and this is a webbedsite where we all contribute in our own ways to building a little virtual House.

Collectively you can call us Rowan, use it or he or they, and any manner of gendered terms are fine by us. The body is 24. Queer and genderqueer. The green-purple-haired character on the side is named Brunch, they are the collective's sona!

On occasion we write, or draw, or crochet or knit, and very often our nose is stuck in a book (though it is hard to concentrate on any one book for very long). We also like making deviantart-style stamps and the occasional blinkie. (All the ones made by me are here! Everything else has been found other places on the web.)

4/3/2024: lost time

Mood: frontstuck?

Alter: Luka

Hello~ I lost all of February to a subsystem fronting and spending the whole month hyperfixating on Legend of Zelda, ahaha.... And then when I got back in front, I was so excited about the new 2.0 and 2.1 HSR updates that I forgot to update my Sampo shrine until just now!! We got more lore!!!! so I have updated the shrine now, plus added a bunch more images/memes, and links to my fanfics.... send me a comment if you feel inclined :3

recently, other than grinding every day in HSR for Aventurine and Boothill (and leveling my new Gepard and Gallagher!) I have been watching some movies! I watched "My Name Is Trinity" which was a fun western, and I also watched "Million Dollar Baby" .... >.> Luka (character) is not beating the transmasculine allegations!!!! (His character quest is a big reference to that movie, with it being about a female boxer and a retired coach.... looking at Luka and Oleg's relationship, thinking very hard, heheh)

12/26/2023: to quote Sampo, "hehe~"

Mood: happy

Alter: Luka

OKAY Fish I finally got around to adding more stuff to the Sampo Shrine, I hope you are happy. love you very much mwah mwah

and happy holidays to anybody reading this! I hope the year treated you well and so will the next!

12/19/2023: a green bitch named brunch

Mood: (wailing into a pillow)

Alter: Luka

HELLO!! Sorry Fish I will probably not get to sprucing up the Sampo Shrine because I have much more important things to do today, such as, uh, drawing a little mascot for the website.... a green bitch named Brunch.... also I'm going to change the colorscheme of the main page to be green and pink or whatever. Probably strawberry themed hahah.

(the little mascot is based on how the body looks IRL, and we actually tend to wear a lot of green? and the hair is green right now.)

12/12/2023: chapter 23, The Lee Shore

Mood: reconfiguring test

Alter: Fish

"Wonderfullest things are ever the unmentionable; deep memories yield no epitaphs; this six-inch chapter is the stoneless grave of Bulkington. Let me only say that it fared with him as with the storm-tossed ship, that miserably drives along the leeward land.

.....the port, the land, is that ship's direst jeopardy; she must fly all hospitality; one touch of land, though it all but graze the keel, would make her shudder through and through.

With all her might she crowds all sail off shore; in so doing, fights 'gaints the very winds that fain would blow her homeward; seeks all the lashed sea's landlessness again; for refuge's sake forlornly rushing into peril; her only friend her bitterest foe!"

Well then, I have done a great lot of work on moving over the old blogposts to this new fancy homepage, made with Med's layout. Hopefully this is something I find easier to fuck around with in the future! Also it's actually scrollable on my iPad, which is the main sticking point I had with my last mobile-unfriendly one.... ugh....

12/10/2023: swim swim

Mood: swim swim

Alter: Fish

Surprise Fish appearance. I'm borrowing a wireless keyboard so I can code on my iPad during the day....!

I don't know if I'll end up making my own page, I think I would fill it with stuff about Moby Dick. (However tempting that may be!) This just serves as a general update to my ability to work on this site.

edit, two hours later....: fish page.

NOTE FOR LUKA: add more information to the sampo shrine please. who is this man

11/10/2023: quickie

Mood: sake....

Alter: Crow

made some Mitski album cover stamps, they're in the usual place. updated my page, which I think is accessible through the Rookery. wrote a short thing about Mitski's new album and what I've been up to (spoiler: not much!)

also, I think it wasn't mentioned over here, but my tumblr got nuked a month or so ago. I've mainly been hanging out on My account on there is also linked on the Outside page.

10/29/2023: the meal boys

Mood: sleepy

Alter: Blade & Luka

So, uh.... I lost a month or so of time, not sure what exactly happened in my brain there. Back with a shrine of sorts (Luka's idea) for Sampo Koski from Honkai Star Rail. You can find it here or in the Basement for now.... Have some silly stamp.

7/21/2023: danmei-brained

Mood: lovesick

Alter: Hyacinth

I've been (re)reading 2ha for the past couple days, so I sort of forgot to pay any mind to this site.... Well, I'm not much for coding, anyways, but there's nothing I can't learn if I don't try!! I've been liveblogging my read on a tumblr sideblog but I'm also going to put it on a page over here! I got an idea earlier today for what I want it to look like, so I'm motivated.

7/13/2023: genshin-ing

Mood: excited

Alter: Hemlocke

Hiya!! This page is getting a bit long, now, haha.... Perhaps we should figure out a way to condense it or something....

Anyway, just wanted to make myself a page real quick! Figuring out more html and css stuff. You can find it over at the Tower.

Also, Mika made some stamps the other day! I've put them in the usual place.

7/08/2023: MORE STUFF!!!!

Mood: sake....

Alter: Jackdaw

I was only going to make a small update of a couple of blinkies to Outside, but, um, I made a lot of new stuff today, so I'm making an update about it. As always, this stuff is free to use! I'll probably also upload them to tumblr so more people see them ^_^

7/06/2023: my deal....

Mood: entertained

Alter: Jackdaw

Well, I finally made Way those stamps! (To be found at Outside, of course....) T'was a bit of an ordeal but well I guess I like doing silly meticulous work. (They look so silly when they're not sync'd up. sobs)

Read more of Dazai and the Dark Era today. About 60% of the way through. Odasaku I love you....

ALSO turning over and over in my head that I might not be the only Osamu Dazai alter. Some of my tumblr mutuals had been reblogging posts about polyfragmented systems, so I guess it's on the mind.... I don't think we're polyfragmented, but one of the points written was multiple alters of the same.... thing? I can't remember how it was phrased. But it got me thinking that maybe the.... other Feeling of Dazai, Specifically Detective Agency, that I, myself, don't resonate strongly with, could perhaps just be another me entirely. LOL!!!!

(I wanna read up more on stuff but I have to take it slowly so I don't ruin my mood....)

still missing Chuuya! So sad I can't wack him over the back with a metal chair. Toodles~~

7/03/2023: null

Mood: hold me like a grudge by fob

Alter: Kurapika

Redid the Basement landing page because it was unfinished. Added my page. Watched a lot of HxH today.

Also, I'm attempting to recreate the bear hat from Serial Experiments Lain in crochet. I don't have the right colors to do an entirely on-model version, though, so I'm using the color scheme of her bear onesie. Struggled HARD with it and I've had to frog it once, and partway frog it at least four different times. I keep fucking up the sizing because the pattern I attempted to use after frogging it fully is, uh, using a different sized hook, and I couldn't be fucked to get a new one because it's my favorite hook.

hashtag crochet struggle tweets.

Anyway, flagging for myselfs, figure out why clicking on Crow's page from the Rookery opens a new tab on desktop. It's super fucking annoying. Fix it.

6/30/2023: e_e

Mood: fine

Alter: Scara

Made a bunch of Genshin stamps. They turned out ok, but it's not my best work. You can find them over at Outside. I guess they're useful for the stamp aesthetic type of thing, but the in-game icons are already prettier, sized-down versions....? just not in the stamp size, exactly.

It's getting late so I won't be able to do much, if any work, on the Tower. Feels ironic in a way that this is my association, now. The full title is "Scaramouche's Wizard Tower" because I built it myself in headspace and that's where my subsystem lives. (sans Rook, he does what he wants. Luc, Swift, and Jade, who predate me, however, still hang out there.) Then the title got shortened so now it's just the Tower. Thanks, guys.

Hm, scratch that, I had just enough time to whip up the Tower and my room. Still needs work, though. At least I have a possible way to keep making my web weaving posts and putting them somewhere.

6/23/2023: q_q

Mood: definitely crying

Alter: Kaz

life is pain and suffering because i only have nageki centric playlists to listen to because i don't front enough to make my own damn ship playlists!! anyways. constructing the second floor today per charlie's request.

we thought we were the same person for a hot second but i think we've untangled now.... haha.... whoops

campanella can make his own freaking page, though!! i won't do it for him!!

6/23/2023: ^_^

Mood: tired

Alter: Rook & Luc

Just a quick update to add my friend Neptune's site button to the side! Uh, remind me never to try site updates on my phone.... this sucks....

6/19/2023: (splat sfx)

Mood: accomplished

Alter: Virtue

For the past couple of days we have been working on a zine! (Uh, I think Jackdaw still needs to get on those stamps for Way, though....) Today we (Care and I) got the scans together and made a PDF and put it on for free!

It started out as a vent project, just to have something to do before the Big Stressful Summer Event during the Big Stressful Summer Trauma Month, and now that it's done we get to share more of our art....! Very exciting and very scary at the same time.

And there it is!!!! I'll also be linking it in Outside. (More bonus links in the Outside sidebar.... just other places I'm at. But you might've already come from there, anyways! And stuff I'm doing.)

Also, I've been playing Deltarune again, and been listening to a lot of theory videos on youtube.... I can't wait for chapter 3!

6/14/2023: Dark Era Eternal

Mood: NOT crying

Alter: Jackdaw

Feels like just yesterday i was in front! Oh huh! It was four days ago! well then!!

As I am the connoisseur of depression, I begged and pleaded with Way to let me co-front and listen to Ethel Cain and read more of the "Osamu Dazai and the Dark Era" light novel, in trade for making him some stamps and or blinkies later.

Anyway, I'm thinking about Chuuya (BSD) today. Probably before bed (if I'm still in front!!) I'll read more of his (IRL) poetry. It super duper sucks how much i miss kicking his ass in mario kart. get fucked, chibiko. KISSIESSSS

(BTW, there's stuff at Outside now!)


Mood: jazzed

Alter: Magpie

everynbody loves me for my cute butt and perky tits. please god let me hit you with my baseball bat.


Did a lot of work on the site, actually. Finally made the front page look nice and shiny, made a button, () made the Rookery -- even though it's only half finished right now, I got distracted and made a stamp. lol. it's right up there next to MAJIMA CONSTRUCTION!! Actually, a good chunk of the stamps on here I made myself! I mean, not me, Magpie, specifically, but, y'know. They're all free to use without credit. Spread my stamp spores. PLease.

Started actually playing Yakuza 0 today at request of our boyfriend ( and that was pretty fun until the controller decided not to work!! I'll just use a different controller ! Real Yakuza Use Pretty Pink Controllers To Play!!

....thinking more about it, I will probably at some point made a specific page for all the stamps and blinkies i make. Becayse i love you.

6/4/2023: code n00b

Mood: AGH

Alter: NAVI

i am not great at coding but i am Learning. jeez.... adding more pages and links. added a friends panel on the sidebar! that's fun! changed the background, too. going to remove benny's page link and put it in a holding page for links. the House will take shape, on the internet!

i really want to make a Box in a Box in a Box in a Box. with scrollbars.

5/31/2023: and even more work

Mood: ^_^

Alter: Ayana

added my own page at The Rooftop.

and Crow has his own page, too.

5/31/2023: more work

Mood: hmph.

Alter: Crow

continuing with the work on this site, via my ipad, so it's slow. plus i don't have access to my files, so i can't easily upload images right now....

extremely tired. i want to nap but it's already 6pm....

5/30/2023: BENNY TIME!!!!


Alter: Benny

Revamping this site because I remembered we had it! made my own personal page over here, and its also on the sidebar.

Add me to your site!